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A Celebration of the History of the Hong Kong Sevens
Hong Kong Stadium

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The Hong Kong Sevens was successfully held in the week of 28th March, 2014, with Gulf Oil Marine playing host to some of our key customers at the event. A commemorative book from the games organisers was also presented to our customers at the event and around the world.

Keith Mullin’s Foreword:

Rugby has been played in Hong Kong for as long as horses have been racing in Happy Valley; early records show that the game was played mainly by the colonial army and navy men, together with the police and merchant cadets from large trading houses. It is thus so amazing to see how the Hong Kong Sevens have grown from those humble beginnings.

Hong Kong Sevens 2014

In a way, this mirrors the development of the very place: from a sleepy fishing village, Hong Kong has flourished to become one the world’s global cities. Hong Kong’s developments have been underpinned by the spirit of its people: a relentless “can-do” attitude with boundless energy!

Hong Kong Sevens 2014

That same spirit sums up what it is for Gulf Oil Marine. As a young enterprise of 5 years, we are indeed humble to be in the midst of such historical traditions. Nonetheless, we are driven by that same relentless “can-do” spirit to serve our customers, to play our part meaningfully in the industry and in our own way, contribute to this great place, where we are headquartered.

I am hence immensely proud to welcome you to this city and to this tournament. With its superb sporting spirit, admirable behaviour – on- and off-field, and the chance for emergent rugby nations to lock horns with the mighty men of the major rugby nations, I look very much forward to the tournament. I am sure you do too!

Yours in Rugby,

Mr. Keith Mullin