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With increasing pressure on vessel operators to reduce costs, a preventive maintenance approach to avoid costly failures is gaining ground amongst the shipping industry. The ability to quickly sample and test the lubricants on board ship, whilst in operation, plays a major role in this; it enables engineers to easily identify potential problems of, not only the lubricants, but also the engines and other crucial equipment, before they become critical. The GulfSea Analytica MiniLab, available from Gulf Oil Marine, is the ideal professional tool for your on-board technical team to maintain frequent surveillance on oil conditions, providing them with prompt indications when oil defects or deteriorations occurs, which helps ensure trouble-free operations. The engineers can then make informed operational and maintenance decisions, such as to immediately rectify a defect or to add fresh oil if BN has dipped below the limit this potential to save a lot of time and money.


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  • Fully portable and user-friendly tool for immediate use on board vessels.
  • Delivered in a robust aluminum case, reliable for use in rough and remote marine environments.
  • Extremely robust, durable and easy to use digital device.
  • A range of used oil tests can be undertaken on board, including, Viscosit y Comparison, Water Content, Insolubles and BaseNumber (BN).
  • Provides tests results that are easy to interpret.
  • Better informed on – board maintenance decisions.
  • Early alert of oil condition. It may also indicate malfunction of equipment, enablingearly intervention and thus avoiding costly and potentially hazardous equipment / component failure.
  • Train the trainer



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