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Gulf Oil Marine’s new GulfSea SDA Insight Test Kit is a quick, simple to use, chemical test that provides an accurate measure of the parts per million (ppm) value of Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds in scrape-down oil. Also, rather than simply giving a figure for the TOTAL iron (including metallic compounds), which other tests provide, knowing the specific ppm of corroded iron allows critical decisions in adjusting the feed rates and the amount of Base Number (BN) to be used.  This quick test (<5 minutes per cylinder) allows rapid analysis of scrape-down oil across the whole engine and obviates the need to send samples ashore for testing, thus avoiding long waiting periods for results.


Major engine OEMs recommend a maximum cold corrosion figure of 200 ppm. Ideally, this should be kept below 100 ppm within the engine to maintain low wear levels.  As recommended by OEMs, using the GulfSea SDA Insight Test Kit in conjunction with the GulfSea Analytica MiniLab to determine the residual Base Number (BN), an accurate picture of the operating conditions can be quickly determined and suitable corrective actions implemented.


Key features


  • Excellent correlation between field measurements and laboratory Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) results
  • Monitors products of corrosion that cannot be detected magnetically
  • Provides early warning that cold corrosion is underway
  • Gives an accurate history of internal corrosion, as the operator adjusts the cylinder liner jacket temperature or oil feed rate
  • Each test is simple, cost-effective and quick (<5 minutes) to complete
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