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CIMAC Lubricants Questionnaire 2: 2020 VLSFO Operation



CIMAC is the world-wide engine designers association dealing with development, policy and regulation of large engines. CIMAC’s main work is undertaken by Working Groups (WG), in subject matter such as emissions, fuels, lubricants, tribology etc.


The CIMAC Lubricants WG is reviewing the impact of the switch to VLSFO which followed the implementation of IMO 2020 low sulphur fuel requirements. The WG has developed a questionnaire to seek field operating experience with these new low sulphur fuel compositions. Just prior to January 2020 and for a few months thereafter, there was a spike in reports of liner scuffing on two stroke engines. Similarly there were more than normal reports of deposit formation in the combustion chamber and piston lands and ring grooves.


The Lubricants WG is seeking to update its knowledge of the extent that liner scuffing and deposit formations are prevalent and also any other new problems which may or may not be linked to the use of VLSFO fuels. This information will be used by the WG to review lubricant requirements and lubricant performance assessment test methods. If you have data of incidents or know of someone who has data we would encourage you to ensure that the his contributed by completing the questionnaire. The information is treated as anonymous and the source or ship will never be revealed. Please send responses soon as the questionnaire will close in late Q2 2021. Thankyou for supporting the work of the CIMAC Lubricants WG.